Position: Assistant Manager, Investments (Middle Office)


To directly support the front office and the Head Investments in risk management, research and compliance matters including collecting and analyzing financial information to build financial models.


  1. Conduct due diligence and research on investments and diversification to reduce risk.
  2. Research and determine the best investments or securities to fit the strategy of the Fund.
  3. Verify regulatory compliance of transactions and reporting.
  4. Management of fees and execution of trading orders.
  5. Develop professionally written policy and procedure proposals that clearly articulate the Fund’s value proposition.


1. Maintains constant coverage of industry-related news, trends, and developments and disseminate insight when appropriate.
2. Ensures the Fund doesn’t breach regulations and put its financial position and reputation at stake.
3. Supports the Investments team in producing research including keeping abreast of trends and sentiment in the market.
4. Interprets research into implementation ideas for front office.
5. Supports periodic management reporting including fund board reporting (as required) and monthly attestation/statistical reporting for pending risk items such as fails, trade errors and aged breaks.
6. Runs daily risk checks and accordingly generate risk reports.
7. Provides analytical content and advisory from varying sources of data/information for front office.
8. Assists with the management of relationships and the performance reviews of service providers including fund administrators, transfer agents, and custodians.
9. Assists with the review and updating of service level agreements and/or fund operational procedures with service providers.
10. Implements the portfolio managers’ investment decision and transmission of trading orders to the custodians.

11. Monitors custodian bank fee schedules and periodic fee analysis.
12. Managements fee invoicing and payments monitoring.
13. Reconciles and validate trade capture and day trading activity in a timely and accurate manner.
14. Coordinates with the front office to address trade-related inquiries and issues.
15. Assists in booking new trades from term sheets obtained from Front Office.
16. Prepares and deliver end-of-day pricing statements to the Head Investments.
17. Monitors compliance with the established portfolio and risk management policies including regular reports monitoring market and credit risk.
18. Performances assessment if there is active trading vis-à-vis the strategic targets.
19. Communicates financial and economic analysis and insight to front office staff.
20. Constructs and maintains databases of financial, economic and market data.
21. Performs other work-related duties as assigned, within your scope of practice.