Position: Senior Officer, Corporate Affairs


To prepare, disseminate information regarding the Fund through print and electronic media, website and social media platforms.


  1. Promotion of the Fund among peer groups and the general public.
  2. Effective press office service Informative website.
  3. Identify threats and opportunities in the environment and propose appropriate action.
  4. Formulates communications strategies and plans for the achievement of the overall Fund business strategy.
  5. Oversees brand management of the Fund.
  6. Ensures timely and quality publication of corporate publications.


1. Identifies key presenters and topics to be presented at the public education events.
2. Develop a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy for the Fund.
3. Prepares budget proposals and administers approved budget in accordance with the departmental policies and procedures.
4. Participates in generating content for public engagements for the publication of the relevant reports.
5. Serves as a spokesperson during public awareness and education events as delegated by Head of Communications.
6. Prepares and/or edit speeches and presentations for the Fund’s executives.
7. Devises and coordinates photo opportunities.
8. Contributes to the continuous review of all Fund’s internal policies and guidelines generated by the Communications Department.
9. Liaises with, and answer inquiries from media, individuals and other organizations, often via telephone and email.
10. Proposes a protocol& guest relations policy for the Fund.
11. Prepares a detailed manual of procedures and best practices to guide the Fund’s handling of protocol during all categories of official engagements.
12. Liaises with relevant national and institutional organs on protocol matters.
13. Prepares annual events calendar/work plans for Fund’s events.
14. Plans and executes successful Corporate Events.
15. Creates and maintains a register of profiles of quality service providers (Hotels, decorators, music, photographers, events management companies).
16. Maintains an up to date register of CSR recipients.
17. Sources and manages speaking and sponsorship opportunities.
18. Drafts timely responses to relevant policy inquiries and/or misinformation by stakeholders, including the media.

19. Maintains excellent relations with key print and broadcast media to position the Fund strongly and promote Management and staff as expert resources for media interviews on the mandate of the Fund.
20. Coordinates the maintenance of an up-to-date database of media contacts and provide background information to journalists with a view of shaping media coverage on Fund issues.
21. Plans and coordinates regular media briefings and engagements, talk shows and interviews to highlight the Fund’s mandate and programs.
22. Conducts research (surveys) to identify audience needs, issues, risks, associated priorities goals, objectives and strategies for public education and awareness.
23. Develops public awareness goals, objectives, policies, strategies and procedures.
24. Schedules and deliver or organize for delivery of all public awareness and education programs to stakeholders and target audiences including participation in lectures, exhibitions, trade fairs, talk shows and others.
25. Prepares reports and maintain appropriate documentation regarding public awareness activities and outcomes.
26. Coordinates the development and implementation of the branding policy.
27. Perform others work-related duties as assigned, within your scope of practice.