Position: Senior Officer, Legal Affairs


To support the activities of the Fund’s Legal Department and Board Secretariat through providing legal advice, interpretation, and guidance to senior management and officers regarding contracts, government regulatory requirements, intellectual property and other business matters.


  1. Briefing staff and Board members on legal issues, potential liabilities and possible courses of action. This involves translating complicated legal jargon into a simple language as well as taking all possible legal problems into consideration before making any recommendations.
  2. Frequently write and review settlement documents, contracts, agreements, stock certificates or any other documentation as necessary.
  3. Continuously research legal resources such as articles, codes, statutes, judicial decisions in order to stay up to date on all current laws and make well-educated legal recommendations.
  4. Regularly analyze the actions and decisions of the Fund in order to identify problem areas, suggest alternative courses of action and mitigate risk as much as possible.
  5. Coordinates all claim adjusters, liability attorneys to ensure clarity, efficiency and confidence in handling legal matters swiftly.


1. Follows up with various stakeholders to ensure that contracts are executed within the required time-frame.
2. Follows up on matters under litigation and prepare the requisite briefs.
3. Assists the Head of Department in preparation of responses to legal notices.
4. Ensure that employees and relevant parties understand and comply with Fund contracts.
5. Originates and draft contracts for the supply of goods and services (including employment contracts) and arranging their execution.
6. Participates in negotiations and reviewing commercial contracts and other requisite agreements for the operations of the Fund.
7. Contacts the customers and obtain all the necessary contract-related information and verify accuracy.
8. Confirms all requisite documents accompanying contracts.
9. Analyzes potential risks involved with specific contract terms.
10. Participates in drafting of loan agreements.

11. Carries out legal research and analysis, identifying important issues and appraising the Fund of emerging legal trends and tendering advice to avoid unnecessary litigation, etc.
12. Renders effective legal assistance in the preparation of legal opinions, studies, reports and correspondence, as required from time to time by various Heads of Departments.
13. Represents the Fund before courts, administrative and other authorities, based on the powers granted by the Head Legal and Board.
14. Liaises with Government Departments such as land office, company registry and courts registries, Uganda Revenue Authority, insurance companies etc.
15. Maintains a database of the status of all court matters involving the Fund.
16. Processes various Fee Bills of advocates and settlements of fees etc., for external law firms.
17. Performs other work-related duties as assigned, within your scope of practice.