Position: Assistant Manager, Internal Audit


Responsible for identifying and assisting in documenting existing internal finance and disclosure controls, implementing and documenting new internal controls, and establishing an internal monitoring function to audit the Fund’s compliance with such internal controls.


  1. Conduct performance, operational, financial and compliance internal audit projects and contribute to the successful delivery of the internal audit plan.
  2. Develop an Audit Charter for the Fund.
  3. Develop the internal audit work plan.
  4. Promote a culture of cost-consciousness, self-assessment and adherence to high ethical standards.
  5. Develop professionally written policy and procedure proposals that clearly articulate the Fund’s value proposition.


1. Assists in the development of the Fund’s annual audit plan.
2. Manages performance of audit assignments, reviews working papers and audit reports.
3. Edits reports prepared by other auditors.
4. Schedules and plans audits, initiates project planning, assess risk and develops audit direction.
5. Performs preliminary planning and establishes a direction for audits, provides leadership to assigned auditors, manage projects to quality outcomes while meeting established time budget.
6. Performs audit work, including plan preparation, working papers, finding, and associated reports. verifies the accuracy of financial records as they pertain to assets, liabilities, receipts, expenditures, and related transactions.
7. Coordinates and interacts with staff and with external audit and law enforcement agencies, as needed. may be required to testify in court.

8. Consults with and advises Management and staff on operational and administrative issues.
9. Keeps abreast of Fund policies and procedures, current developments in accounting and auditing professions, and changes in laws as applicable.
10. Coordinates and interacts with audit firms performing external audits of the Fund’s financial statements.
11. Participates in development, implementation and maintenance of policies, objectives, short-and long-range planning. develops and implements projects and programs to assist in the accomplishment of established goals.
12. Develops and provides training to Fund departments as requested.
13. Performs other work-related duties as assigned, within your scope of practice.