Position: Head, Finance and Business Operations


Identify and assess compliance issues, implement effective controls, monitor day-to-day regulatory quality at the transaction level. Has responsibility for the Fund’s accounting and financial planning and reporting.


  1. Efficient management of depositor payouts, depositor claims and resolution in case of Bank failure;
  2. Performance reports and records of contributing Institutions;
  3. Oversee financial operations of the Fund;
  4. Custody and proper management financial records of all Fund investments;
  5. Establish financial accounting, reporting and budget management systems;
  6. Conduct analysis of financial risks and benefits on business initiatives and strategy;
  7. Coordinate creditors’ meetings in case of liquidation;
  8. Coordinate general meetings of members during liquidation;
  9. Ensure compliance with legislative requirements relating to financial matters;


1. Oversees efficient depositor payout of protected deposits, Manages depositor claims & resolution in case of Bank failure;
2. Reviews the depositor payout manual to ensure it is up to date and operational;
3. Ensures proper depositor records are kept in all contributing institutions to facilitate depositor payout process if a need arises;
4. Oversees the implementation of Depositor Unique Identifiers (Single Customer view);
5. Proposes decisions on the conduct of procedure and mode of payment of insured deposits in case of a bank’s bankruptcy or liquidation;
6. Oversees site examinations of Contributing Institutions with the purpose of monitoring, analyzing, and strengthening the financial condition;
7. Analyzes Onsite and offsite reports on the performance of Contributing Institutions from Bank of Uganda and advise Chief Executive Officer;
8. Oversees the conduct of simulations for depositor payout;
9. Cooperates with international organizations and institutions in connection with deposit insurance, and gets familiar with the deposit insurance systems in other countries;
10. Determines the methodology for measurement and calculation of the potential risk of the Deposit Insurance Fund at a bank and the entire banking sector level;
11. Determines the standards for banks’ reporting on deposits and placements;
12. Furnishes reports to the Bank of Uganda concerning the settlement of banks’ obligations for payment of deposit insurance premium, for each bank individually;
13. Ensures accurate payments are received and penalties are issued to defaulting institutions;
14. Establishes and periodically tests the collective software solution to support depositor payout;
15. Notifies depositors and other stakeholders about the deposit insurance, determines visual appearance and format of the information material, prints and distributes brochures, posters and leaflets to banks, etc.;

16. Participates in meetings with Bank of Uganda and other regulatory authorities regarding the problem and troubled Contributing Institutions including informational meetings, financial assistance, and make recommendations to the CEO;
17. Ensures the Cash Book and General Ledger are always up-to-date;
18. Ensures that monthly reconciliations are undertaken in respect of all the Fund’s accounts and balance sheet control Accounts;
19. Ensures custody and proper financial records of all Investments;
20. Oversees preparation of Fund financial Statements and ensures timely financial reporting;
21. Ensures fixed asset register is properly maintained;
22. Coordinates external and Internal Audit activities;
23. Ensures successful implementation of IFRS9 and compliance to all International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards;
24. Establishes and periodically tests financial accounting and reporting as well as Budget management systems
25. Leads on financial fraud prevention and detection and to annually report on such matters;
26. Implements recommendations on the operation of the financial control systems and other matters by Internal and External Auditors;
27. Oversees preparation of DPF Annual Work Plans and Budget and ensure that they are monitored;
28. Participates in activities of liquidation and recoveries procedures of banks and contributing institutions in accordance with legal regulations;
29. Works with Information Technology department to develop, implement and improve systems for payroll management and depositor payouts.