Position: Assistant Manager, IT Business Automation


Provide application and database support, create and evaluate software that meets the business requirements of the Fund.


  1. Analyze and understand the Fund business processes and propose technical solutions.
  2. Design automated process solutions in accordance with standard design principles and conventions.
  3. Configure new automated processes and objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand.
  4. Work within project planning constraints, communicating any identified project risks and issues to the delivery/project manager accordingly and providing inputs to the change control process.
  5. Develop professionally written policy and procedure proposals that clearly articulate the Fund’s value proposition.


1. Reviews quality assurance reports on new or modified business applications, to ensure the applications sufficiently address the business needs.
2. Analyzes business requirements and Develop technical design specifications for business applications that address the customer needs.
3. Implements Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) business automation solutions based on documented system specifications to meet the business needs of the Fund. This job involves working with solution vendors to implement systems that meet business requirements.
4. Develops in-house built business automation solutions based on documented system specifications and adopted IT standards to satisfy customer needs. This job involves designing, coding, testing, and deploying applications that meet business requirements.
5. Analyzes business requirements and develop technical design specifications for business intelligence solutions that address the business needs.
6. Develops business intelligence solutions including data repositories, reports, analytics, query tools and dashboards based on technical design documentation to satisfy customer information needs. Data repositories mine data from various sources including databases, spreadsheets, text files and others.
7. Plans and co-ordinate the testing of new or upgraded IT applications, to ensure delivery of required functionality and adherence to the Fund’s standards.
8. Plan, participate and conduct technical reviews of own documents to achieve high quality and conformity to the Fund’s standards.
9. Proposes IT solution options including the acquisition of new applications and/or reuse or extension of existing business applications, to address documented business needs.

10. Develops and maintain the Fund’s Applications Architecture to ensure all new business applications conform to the standard.
11. Provides project leadership for various database initiatives and technical advice on the logical design of databases and adequate disaster recovery arrangements. This may include installing, testing and implementing database management systems and related products.
12. Researches on IT trends and propose business process improvements to take advantage of technological advances.
13. Ensures that automated test scripts are created, maintained and executed to meet software release deliverables and project testing requirements.
14. Ensures that load test scripts are created, maintained and executed to provide consistent baselines and measurement of the performance of applications to meet software release deliverables and project testing requirements.
15. Contributes to the continuous improvement of systems in the Fund by undertaking system and software reviews and recommending improvements.
16. Performs other work-related duties as assigned, within your scope of practice.